Siamac Mashod, DDS

A Passion for Helping Others
My profession has allowed me to help others. I make a difference by restoring the function and beauty of their teeth, making them healthier and helping patients be proud to smile again.

As a dentist, I have the ability to alleviate dental pain, restore a person’s ability to chew properly and comfortably, and make a smile even more beautiful. All these things improve the lives of my patients, increasing their oral and overall health and raising their self-esteem.

I have been a practicing dentist since 1987, and in that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many incredible people. Each person has their own life stories and experiences, and I am honored when they share those with me. I learn from our conversations about the world and about myself. I am a better person because of my patients, and I thank them for that.

Education and Continuing Education

One of the most amazing things about dentistry is that it is always evolving. Revolutionary technologies make diagnostics and treatment more accurate and comfortable. The same is true of materials and approaches to care.

My patients trust me to provide them with the best modern dentistry has to offer. By actively pursuing continuing education through lectures, seminars and meetings, and participating in the Beaches Study Club, I exceed my patients’ expectations. I am able to provide painless, comprehensive dental care that improves their health and smiles. I have extensively studied aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, treatment for TMJ-TMD, endodontics, and periodontics.

As a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I learn from the leaders in the profession. The publications from these organizations keep me up to date on research and methods as well.

Personal Life
I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to the Atlantic Beach area about 20 years ago. When I am not working, you will often find me fishing in the local shallow water creeks. I also enjoy bike rides, swimming and listening to music.

I believe that one of the responsibilities of being a dentist is helping others. I regularly volunteer at a low-income clinic, providing a range of dental services to the less fortunate in our community. Everyone deserves a healthy smile, and I am resolved to help as many people as I can.