Same Day Dental Emergencies


Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL
If you experience any type of dental pain, including a broken or fractured tooth or crown, dental abscess, facial or TMJ pain, or broken or lost denture/partial, you can rest assured that you’ll 
receive the emergency care you need from your Jacksonville dentist, Dr. Mashod. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments for all patients of record. Our exceptional dental team is here when you need us! Getting you out of pain and back to your life is our first priority.

Dental emergencies are rare, but they can happen, and it's important to know how to best care for your teeth if an emergency situation arises. Your emergency is also unique to you, and will have a 
customized treatment plan created to remedy the situation. While all our treatments are individualized, it is helpful to know about the most common types of emergencies seen by Dr. Mashod, and what you should do if they happen.

• Bitten lip or tongue: If the bleeding does not stop on its own, even after you’ve applied pressure with gauze or tissue, you may need stiches. Call our office to schedule an emergency appointment.

• Broken, chipped, or fractured tooth: Call our Jacksonville, FL dental office for an appointment, whether you are in pain, or even if it is merely a cosmetic issue (such as a chipped upper front tooth). Keep the broken piece of tooth in a jar of water and bring it with you. We’ll be able to repair the tooth and get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

• Knocked-out tooth: Call our Jacksonville dental office right away. If the tooth has been knocked out of your mouth, it's best to rinse off any visible dirt, dust, etc. Place the tooth back in the socket or keep it in saline if possible, or water.

• Toothache: Call our office right away. If the pain gets worse with cold/heat, chewing, or biting, avoid it. Over-the-counter pain medication can be effective in the meantime, but don't ever exceed 
the amount of Tylenol recommended on the bottle.

• Broken jaw: Go immediately to a hospital emergency room where an oral surgeon can re-set and splint the jaw.


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